Ways to Watch Super Rugby 2022 Live Stream

Super Rugby is a rugby league that is played across 4 separate continents, which makes it one of the few true international leagues. Super Rugby 2022 will be a 15 team competition which is down from 18 teams in the 2017 competition. The competition will be played across three different conferences. The Australian conference consists of 4 Australian teams and a Japanese team. The New Zealand conference consists of 5 different New Zealand teams. And the South African conference contains 4 South African teams and 1 Argentinian team. The 2022 Super Rugby season starts on ​18th ​February with the Final taking place on Saturday, June ​18th.

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There are several streaming services that air the Super Rugby competition as it all depends on what cable provider has the rights to the 2022 Super Rugby season. For example, if you live in the United States then ESPN has the rights to the 2022 Super Rugby season. So, you can use any streaming service that has ESPN included in a package that you purchase.

If you are looking to watch live streaming of the 2022 Super Rugby full season then you will most likely have to go through a cable subscriber or streaming service. Depending on where you live you can watch any Super Rugby match live on either a streaming service that offers thee correct cable channel or the cable channel’s app that provides live streaming.

Super Rugby Live Stream



Start Date

​18​th ​February 2022

End Date

​18th June 2022



TV Network

Live Stream

Super Rugby has struck deals with most large sports broadcasting networks all over the world. The reported deals are worth billions of dollars and ensure that their network is the only network that can broadcast the 2022 Super Rugby season.

Watch Super Rugby live

Fox Sports Australia

Fox Sports Australia has the rights to broadcast the 2022 Super Rugby season. They have had the rights since the inception of the SANZAAR and it looks like they will continue to have a great relationship in the coming years. Fox Sports Australia also streams the Super Rugby matches live on their app which you can download any almost any device using the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Make sure you find out what channel it is on in your local area.

Network Ten

Network Ten is a free broadcast network similar to CBS, NBC, FOX, and ABC in the United States. They broadcast replays of the matches that took place the previous day. There are plenty of Australians that do not care that much about Super Rugby and are more than happy to watch the replay the following day instead of watching it live. Many viewers do not want to spend the money on Fox Sports.


SuperSport is a television sports broadcaster that broadcasts sports to nearly all of Africa. They have exclusive rights to broadcast the Super Rugby season. They are a great network and they have great coverage of the Super Rugby season. Make sure that you have a subscription before the season starts.

Super Rugby Live Stream Free

Sadly, there is no free way to watch the Super Rugby 2022 season if you live anywhere else than Australia. But, even in Australia you will not be able to watch the Super Rugby matches live. You have to have a subscription to a streaming service that has access to the broadcasting network. You could also use the broadcasting network’s app to stream the Super Rugby matches live.

super rugby live free

If you are looking for a way to watch the Super Rugby matches please do not use any illegal streaming services. They are riddled with viruses that can ruin the devices that you watch the 2022 Super Rugby matches on.

If you really are that strapped for cash; then find a friend or family member that has access to the network that you need. Or you could always find a sports bar that is airing the match and invite a few friends to make a day or night out of the event.

DirecTV Now

If you live in the United States then you can purchase DirecTV Now which has access to ESPN. DirecTV Now costs $40 a month which is on par for most streaming services when it comes to cost. If you are an AT&T Unlimited customer you can get $15 off the main price which ends up being a great deal. Make sure you sign up before February 15th!

Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the most popular streaming services in the world and for many good reasons. They are the cheapest option starting at $25 a month and you can choose between two great packages that have a good balance of everything. Sling TV’s Blue package has ESPN so you can watch the 2022 Super Rugby season from anywhere in the US.

PlayStation Vue

Playstation Vue is Sony’s answer to all of the other streaming services that are currently available in the United States. They have by far the most expensive starting package with $45 a month. That package includes ESPN so you will be all set to watch the 2022 Super Rugby season. You get up to 5 devices with Playstation Vue which makes it a great investment if you live in a large family.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is Google’s answer to all of the streaming services that are currently competing for the top spot. YouTube TV costs the same price as other streaming services and chimes in at $40 a month. With the base package you get unlimited DVR storage which is a great perk that no other services offer.

Super Rugby Streaming on Social Media

There is plenty of action on social media covering the 2022 Super Rugby season. You can look all over the internet for highlights and snippets of any given matchup. Just make sure that you follow your favorite Super Rugby teams on social media to get updates on their players and how they are doing in their matches. You can follow Super Rugby on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


YouTube is one of the best places to catch highlights of any given Super Rugby match. Most of the teams and SANZAAR will be posting how they do in their matchups. Certain highlights may be blocked depending on what country you are watching the highlights in. If that is the case then you can always use a VPN to watch the highlights.


Facebook is a great way to follow your favorite Super Rugby teams. Not only will the official Facebook pages be posting updates on how the matches are going, they also post updates throughout the week on how their training is going and getting ready for the big match. Facebook is certainly a place you do not want to miss out on.

Using VPN

A VPN is one of the best ways to access the 2022 Super Rugby season. Using a VPN service is fairly simple. We will go through the steps so you can set up your own VPN service to watch Super Rugby from anywhere.

  • Purchase a subscription to a VPN service such as IPVanish. You will only have to pay around $10 a month for a reliable service. Please do not use a free VPN service as they are full of malware and viruses
  • Download the VPN software onto whichever device you plan on watching the fight on and then log into your account
  • Connect to a country where Super Rugby is available.
  • Enjoy all of the Super Rugby that is available!

How a VP​N helps you watch live Super Rugby streams

A VPN can help you watch Super Rugby by allowing you to trick the internet into thinking you are somewhere that you are not. For example, say you are in Iceland and have no way to watch a Super Rugby match. Using a VPN you can connect to any country where the Super Rugby match is streaming.


ExpressVPN is one of the premier VPNs in the entire world. They are completely discreet and secure. You will never have a problem connecting to a server in another country as long as your connection to the internet is strong. Their service costs $12.95 per month which is a more expensive service.


IPVanish is a great deal if you are looking for something less expensive than ExpressVPN. At just $10 a month you can save a few dollars every single month and still get a great VPN service. They have access to over 60 countries so you will easily be able to watch the Super Rugby 2022 season.


NordVPN is another great VPN service. They have less servers than the two other listed VPN services but they are still a high quality VPN service. They charge $11.95 per month so a little less than ExpressVPN but a little more than IPVanish. You get access to 62 different countries with NordVPN.

Watch Super 15 Rugby Online

There are several different ways that you can watch Super 15 Rugby online. In most countries you can simply use your cable provider’s app to watch the 2022 Super Rugby season. You have to make sure that your cable provider has the rights to Super Rugby or you could run into some difficulty watching the matches.

Foxtel Now

Foxtel Now is Fox Sports Australia’s on demand service. It is a good deal for Australians as you have to pay just $25 a month to watch any Super Rugby match that you want to. You also get access to a wide variety of other channels in addition to Fox Sports Australia. The Foxtel Now app works with almost every single smart device out there.

Foxtel App

Foxtel App is the streaming service that you can use if you have a cable subscription to Fox Sports. All you have to do is download the app on your smart device and login with your cable username and password. Then you will be able to watch any Super Rugby match that your heart desires. Make sure that you have a strong internet connection.

Rugby Pass (International)

Depending on where you live you may be able to get a subscription to Rugby Pass to watch the 2022 Super Rugby season. Rugby Pass is a great service that focuses exclusively on rugby all over the world. You can enjoy rugby from any country that has a rugby league or competition as it will most likely be on Rugby Pass live in HD.

What Channel will the Super Rugby be on?

The most popular Super Rugby will officially broadcast on Fox Sports (Australia). The rugby fan's can watch the Super Rugby season on Foxtel. User also will be able to watch the game on satellite or cable TV on Channel 145 (Mix SD), 253 (Mix HD), 257 (503 HD), 259 (505 HD), 260 (506 HD), 264 (More HD), 503 (503 SD), 505 (505 SD), 506 (506 SD), and 507 (in SD).

The Aussie rugby fans also can catch the Super Rugby action live on Foxtel Go at channel 503 (503), 505 (505), 506 (506), 507 (More).

Mobile User

If you are looking for a way to watch the Super Rugby from your mobile device there are a couple of ways that you can do so. You could use the mobile apps that are provided by the cable companies to stream the Super Rugby match anywhere in the country that you are located. Or you could use streaming apps such as Periscope and Live.me.


There will most likely be plenty of users on Periscope streaming any given Super Rugby match. It is illegal to watch the stream but there will most likely be no damages from watching a stream through Periscope. Periscope is available on almost all smart devices and it is free so you should have no issues downloading it.


Live.me is another streaming service that is similar to Periscope. All you have to do is search for the Super Rugby match that you are trying to watch and there will most likely be someone streaming it for their followers. Then you just have to click on their stream to watch the match live but it will certainly not be in HD.

Super Rugby on Kodi

You can easily watch Super Rugby on Kodi using almost any device that you can imagine. All you have to do is install the Kodi software on your device and then you will be almost ready to watch any match. You still have to have access to a cable subscription or streaming service to watch Super Rugby but Kodi is a great way to get there. Just download the necessary software after you have downloaded Kodi.

Super Rugby on Roku

Using Roku is one of the easiest ways to download the right software to watch the 2022 Super Rugby season. All you have to do purchase a Roku device and hook it up to your television. Then you can download the right app where you can watch the 2022 Super Rugby season. You still have to have a subscription to a streaming service or cable network in order to watch the matches live.

4K Ultra HD

Certain services do offer 4K Ultra HD. You will have to check with your streaming service or cable provider to see if they offer Super Rugby in 4K Ultra HD. If you do have the ability to watch the match in 4K Ultra HD make sure that you enjoy it. You will certainly be able to notice the difference.

Everything you need to know about Super Rugby

Super Rugby is one of the premier rugby competitions in the world. New Zealand teams have absolutely dominated the competition, claiming 16 titles in the 23 years that the competition has taken place. The season and competition has stolen the hearts of rugby fans all over the world and they have quickly amassed a great following.

SANZAAR was formed in 1996 as a joint effort between Australian, South African, and New Zealand Rugby Unions with 12 teams total between the nations. They created a great competition where teams from every country would play a series of matches over several months that lead up to a tournament to decide the overall champion of the competition. SANZAAR was formed in a direct response to Australia’s Super League which offered rugby players large salaries.

Japan and Argentina joined the league in 2016. Argentina joined the league on a full time basis while Japan has only joined on a provincial basis having only one team. The total number of teams in the competition in 2022 will be 15.

Super Rugby Finals

The Super Rugby Finals is the culmination of all the hard work of the 15 teams over the course of 6 months. The top three teams from each conference and the top five teams from whatever conference advance to a playoff. Whoever comes out on top during the playoff is crowned the champion of the season.

Quarter Finals

The top 3 teams from each conference and the other team with the best record host the other four teams for the quarterfinals. There typically is not too much drama at this stage in the competition as the top teams typically come out ahead of the other teams. But, there have been several upsets in the past so you have to tune in!


After the quarterfinals the teams with the best records host the other two teams in a faceoff to see who will play for the Super Rugby Trophy. The matches are filled with high intensity scoring and battling as both teams desperately want to advance to the final. Make sure that you tune in and do not miss a second of this action.


The Super Rugby Final is always a great matchup with the top two teams from the competition facing off. Make sure that you mark your calendars for June ​18th to watch whatever two teams make it to the top. It will most likely be a team from New Zealand but you never know what could happen during the course of the competition.


Super Rugby follows the same rules as Australian rugby. For the format there are three conferences that are split up into 5 teams each. Each team plays eight inter-conference matches and eight matches out of the conference to balance the competition. After the 16 matches are played the top 3 teams from each conference are given a bye into the quarterfinals while the next 5 teams qualify with the top four teams hosting the quarterfinals.


The Super Rugby trophy is not know by any special name; it is simply known as the Super Rugby Trophy. The trophy was created in 2006 and created in the same workshop that crafted the Lord of the Rings gold ring that was showcased in the movie. The trophy was first awarded for the 2006 season and has been awarded every year since.

Super Rugby Preview & Prediction

Super Rugby can easily be won by any team that is in the competition. There are many teams that get into the playoffs and have a chance to win the overall competition. Look out for a New Zealand team to do very well in the 2022 season as they are going to be looking to win the entire competition. The season is very long and teams will be tested as they have to do a lot of traveling and compete against some of the world’s best rugby teams.

Final Thoughts

The 2022 Super Rugby season should be filled with exciting moments and drama. Teams and players from all over the world will be competing at their chance for greatness and to leave their mark on the rugby world.

Where are you planning on watching the 2022 Super Rugby season? Let us know in the comments!