How to watch live Super Rugby in the USA and Canada

How to watch Super Rugby in the USA and Canada

This season of Super Rugby is about to begin. There are many fans that live in the USA and Canada. Some may not know where they can watch the matches, especially in the U.S., a lot of the stations here, may not like Super Rugby or get enough fans requesting it. With that being said, here are the ways fans can get all the matches without missing a beat.

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Official Broadcast:

In the United States the official Super Rugby broadcast will be on a few channels. NBC Sports will have many of the matches. The schedule is on the page. Fox Sports has Super Rugby on Demand as well as the schedule listed on their site. ESPN 3 has Super Rugby matches to offer you as well. Direct TV Now and Direct TV have the Rugby channel, which is 490/491 you can watch the matches here as well.  In Canada, you can catch the matches on TSN Go.

Watch Super Rugby Online:

To watch Super Rugby online, you have a few options. One of them is Internet TV. Which is 100% secure and works on your mobile devices as well. Visit rugby stream sites for more information. In the U.S. there is also Live Stream NOW where you can watch the games too. Check this out: you will be able to catch the games here as well.

DirecTV Now:

DirectTV NOW offers many sports packages. They also are having a 7-day trial event. There is no pressure to start a contract or anything like that. They want you to test out what they are offering and after 7 days, cancel the subscription. You can watch TV the way you want to watch.


FuboTV is available in the United States and you have different options if you are in Canada. Apparently, FuboTV is only available to those who are in the U.S. and surrounding territories. They can only use U. S. IP addresses to broadcast their station. Canada stations represented in the Canadian basic package are beIN Sports Canada, Benfica TV, and fuboTV network.

Sling TV:

There is a debate about Sling TV carrying the Super Rugby matches. Sling TV does have the option to stream live International sports. For only $10USD you can watch world sports on Sling TV. You can even use your mobile devices to watch too. There may be a $5 charge for any additional stream.

PS Vue:               

The PlayStation Vue lets you pick a plan for your channels but gives you a 14-day trial first. So, go ahead and take the trial, at least you’ll get a few matches for free. There is never a contract and you cancel any time that you want.

Why Using VPN:

A VPN will allow you to pretend to be a viewer from the UK and you can score a free broadcast like this. It will even be high-quality, live, no commercials, and its very low cost. The point of the VPN for these matches are to get the cheapest or free games online. If you are in the UK, of course you’ll better coverage, but with the VPN, you’ll get the best as well.

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Best VPN for watching Super Rugby from USA:

If you are in the U.S. or Canada, you may be wondering what the best VPN is to watch Super Rugby. Well, look no more, we have the best VPN for you to watch the matches. The first choice is Express VPN. There is a 30- day money back guarantee on this one.  Then IP Vanish VPN, followed by NordVPN, and Bullet VPN. This are the best ones that we have experience with.

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