How to watch Super 15 Rugby in Australia

Watch Super Rugby in Australia

Are you looking for the best broadcast of Super Rugby? Do you live in Australia? If you need to find out the best way to watch Super Rugby in Australia, you’re in the right place. We have all the broadcast information that you will need, this way you can watch Super Rugby all the time. Happy viewing!

Foxtel Broadband is where you can watch every game, every team, and every round. There are no commercial breaks during the gameplay either. How does that sound? If you need more convincing, there are 15 teams that are featured and Super Rugby is the best yet! If you do not have Foxtel yet, now is the time to get it. You will never miss a second of any game and it’s all live. You have the ability to stream Super Rugby from your devices with Foxtel too.  Foxtel is offering free trial subscriptions right now too.

Foxtel Now subscribers are going to be super happy in January. Foxtel Now is offering Super Rugby games all season long! They are all live and with little or no commercial interruptions. Not every game is free from this company, but January 31st the games begin. When subscribing, ask for the SPORT pack.

Fox Sports Australia offers Super Rugby games also. They are live and you won’t miss anything on their channels. Fox Sports is the leading producer of sports coverage in Australia and they are also the number one sports website and app. Fox Sports and Foxtel are affiliates and Fox Sports will introduce a new channel this season that is 24/7 coverage of the Rugby leagues. Super Rugby will start Friday 31st January, and the Chiefs will host the Highlanders. The super rugby final is June 20. It seems that in Australia Fox Sports will play every game Live and they are saying that they’ll play repeat games later on that evening or early morning just in case you would like to watch again.

Foxtel Go App and live streaming options are also available in Australia for Super Rugby fans. When you cannot get home and cannot miss the match, what do you do? Don’t fret, with the Foxtel Go App, you can stream the games live and on the go. The Foxtel Go app is included in your Foxtel subscription and you can put it on your phone and other devices, depending on your package.

Australians also have the option to watch Super Rugby live on Telstra. Telstra offers free to air TV.  The sports part of it, well it’s lacking to say the least, but you can find games of Super Rugby on Telstra apps. We don’t promise that you’ll be able to see them all, but you can see some matches.

Many are wondering if Netflix offers Super rugby as well. We found out that you can watch Super Rugby on Netflix for $16.99/month. You may want to check it out or how about trying, Apple TV or Chromecast. There is a Rugby pass that is all rugby all the time. Chromecast and Apple TV offer this and we think this may be the best option out there for Australians. The subscription is $14.99 USD per month.

No matter how you watch rugby, you’ve got to watch! Missing a match is unheard of and we have listed several great options for you all to watch your favorite teams play, along with inside team news and other rugby-related things. These are definite was to get your rugby fix on. Good luck and enjoy the season!