How much do Super Rugby Players Earn Right Now

Super Rugby is one of the populist games that is being loved by many people around the world. While it is just like any other top sports, it features different players who have varying skill levels and experience. This determines the bargaining power of their salaries when signing contracts with different clubs or teams.

While it is also a clear logic that the player with more experience combined with talent earns more, Super Rugby players earn different salaries. Although he can’t be near or close to say a professional footballer of the same caliber. The truth is that, what an average Super 15 Rugby player earns, is far from what a zombie sited somewhere in the office can make.

Can you imagine how much an average Super Rugby player is making in terms of salary? And who is the highest-paid player? Don’t worry as in this piece of work, we are going to look at Australia New Zealand and South African’s highest-paid Super 15 players.

Without wasting your time, we directly dive into it.

Top Highest Paid Australia’s Super Rugby players

Australia Super Rugby team is known to many and here are some of its top earners.

1.David Pocock-$150 000 /month

In Australia, David Peacock sits on the highest contract which sees him earn at least $150 000 per month plus add-ons. Born on April 23, 1988, in Gweru, Zimbabwe, he becomes a star playing for Australia’s national team and Brumbies as a club. The man has won several great and top titles.

2. Matt Giteau ($54,600 /month)

Matt Gateau, who was nominated for International Rugby board player’s awards in the year 2004, is one of the top-earning Super 15 Rugby players in Australia.

Playing in France for club Toulon, he has grabbed 61 rugby caps which is making him land lucrative deals.

The man is capable of playing different roles. For instance, we have seen him play as center half, winger and center back for Wallabies. His flexibility in positions has made him attain 92 test caps with wallabies.

Top Highest Paid New Zealand Super Rugby Players

By now, am very sure you know who is the highest-paid Super Rugby player in Australia. In the next section, we look at the highest-paid Super 15 Rugby players in New Zealand, a country that has a brilliant collection of rugby talents. The country also features the successful, richest and top Super Rugby earners all over the world. Do you want to know who are these players? Continue reading.

1.Dan Carter $150 000/per month

when talking about the highest and if not the averagely paid Super Rugby players, then Dan carter should be the top of the list. This man, who holds a reputable record in-game of Super 15, plaid for New Zealand and Racing 92.

He has won several titles playing for New Zealand as well as Racing 92. Among the titles is the Nine Individual Rugby championship. For sure, there is no doubt that Dan Carter is the most Flair Super 15 Rugby player and who is also paid highly.

2. Ma’a Nonu, Toulon – ($65 000/month)

Another person, who should be on the list of the highest-paid Super Rugby players is Ma’a Nonu, who is currently sitting on a lucrative contract with rugby Club Toulon. The man, who decided to end international duties after winning the 2015 world cup with New Zealand is boasting of at least $65 000 per month.

3. Carl Hayman ($56,000 /month)

Currently, playing for New Zealand, Carl Hayman who was born on 14th November of 1979, is one of the recognizable players you can imagine in the rugby sports.

Though he declared that he will be retiring at the age of 35, his current form and stamina are no close to retirement. This can be derived from his amazing and determined field performance.

Even if he retires, the superstar has won many titles and championships. In his career, he played for the France Toulon rugby club. The surprise to many, during his career, is when he quitted the Toulon to join Newcastle Falcon in the year 2007.

4. Charles Piutau, Ulster – ($54 000/month)

To keep our list, live, we feature another New Zealand Super Rugby player Charles Piutau, who we are sure should also be among the top and highly paid Super 15 players. The earning from Wasps and Ravenhill puts him at the top list.

Top Highest Paid South African Super Rugby Players

South Africa is one of the greatest Super Rugby team. If you have been following different tournaments, you will agree that team south Africa is an excelling team.

In this section, we take some little time to inform you of the top two highest-paid South Africa’s Super 15 players.

1.Bryan Habana ($68,200 /month)

Bryan Habana, being one of the popular South African international rugby union players, makes first on the list of highest-paid Super Rugby players in South Africa. The South African boy became famous after his prominence performance back in the 2007 rugby world cup.

The great man, who was born on 12th June 1983, started his carrier from Toulon Club playing as a winger before featuring in the 2007 rugby world cup. It is being the same year when he was regarded as the IRB player of the year.

2. Bakkies Botha ($55,900 /month)

Bakkies Botha is a South African boy, born on 22nd of September 1979, Newcastle. The 38-year-old boy holds a series of national titles on his head. He was among the winning world cup squad of 2007. He also holds the Two Tri-Nations title in 2004 and Tri-Nations Series of 2009.

Moreover, these seven fit and half great man who is currently playing for Toulon club, has won the Heineken cup in years 2015,2014, and 2013.


While it is said that Super rugby is among the popular sports around the world and just like any other top sports, experienced and skilled players make an impressive salary. In the above presentation, we have looked at some of the highest-paid Super 15 rugby players from New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. If you have read this piece of article to an end, it is no doubt that by now you know who is earning the highest in Super Rugby.

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